Corporate telephony services

A Flexado local phone number is the solution for all your business phone needs. We offer you the possibility to set this up completely yourself. This means you will never miss a conversation again. You decide where and when you can be reached. This can be done manually or automatically, for example by setting your opening hours and welcome message. You also always have access to the calling data so you know exactly who took the call when and where With our special internet browser plugins, you never have to enter a phone number again and you can immediately see whether your colleague is available.

Always available with our low-cost telephone services

If you choose a local telephone number, you will have access to the best VoIP technology on the market. This technology is developing rapidly and Flexado is growing along with it. Our VoIP system is user-friendly and offers you many options, including live call forwarding options, calling via your own App or with your own VoIP phone on your desk. Our team is specialized in answering the phone in the way you would like. They will answer the phone with your company name and handle or transfer the call according to your wishes. This service is available in various languages at all our locations.

Calling with our 4G/Wi-Fi Appp

With our App you do not need a double sim card for your business calls. Receive your business call straight on your phone. And if you want to call a client when you are travelling, then you will call with your personal business number from your own mobile phone. This app is available for IOS & Android.

Your call center in the cloud

Through our secure environment it is easy to log in and make use of more tools, so you can work even more efficiently, such as making your own call categories, voice recordings and smart integration, so that you can always manage your own call center.

Contact us!

Would you like more information about Flexado’s telephony services? Contact us by phone via +31(0) 85 303 2500, send an e-mail to or open the live chat on our website.

What are the advantages of having a regional telephone number?

  • Keep business and private separate;
  • Professional appearance for your company;
  • Choose from all area codes;
  • Set up your own switchboard online;
  • Easily set your opening hours and voicemails;
  • Live insight into your calling behavior;
  • See immediately if your colleague is available;
  • Best VoIP technology;
  • Short and flexible contract conditions;
  • Attractive monthly fee;
  • Low risk;
  • Easily expandable with telephony service;
  • One invoice per month, no more high unexpected costs!

What problems do I solve with a regional telephone number?

  • Professional appearance with your own regional or service telephone number via Flexado;
  • Set your own routing in order to make optimal use of your telephony package;
  • Inform your customers outside office hours as well with an appropriate voice message or notification;
  • No waiting time, start online easily and immediately.

Why should I choose Flexado?

Flexado offers more than 4500 locations worldwide;
Start online safely, quickly and easily;

  • Short and flexible contract duration;
  • Manage your own account online via MyFlexado;
  • Multiple locations and/or service is possible via a single invoice;
  • Fair and clear terms;
  • Flexado has over 10 years of experience!

Flexible working
now & in the future.

Flexado makes it possible!