Business postal address

Flexado is all about helping you create the perfect professional image for your company.

With a business address from Flexado, that business image is within reach. You can choose from various business mailing addresses to use on your business cards, letterhead and communication materials.

You can pick up your mail yourself or we will forward the mail to you. Would you rather receive your mail scanned by e-mail? Then we can do that for you too!

Choose from over 4500 locations worldwide

Are you currently working out of your own home? Having a business address is a great first step for your company towards a professional outfacing appearance.

If you want to expand your business in another region or country, a Flexado business address is the perfect solutions for establishing a presence. Choose from several professional addresses that you can use as your own postal / visiting address. Flexado offers addresses worldwide.

In the most locations it is also possible to use this address as a business headquarters or business location address. For example, to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce, choose a Flexado service office.

A service office offers the same advantages as a business mailing address, but with the option of registering your company as a head office. View all our options online and contact us.

Mail handling
the way you want it

You have several options for processing your mail and / or packages.First of all, you can of course pick up the mail yourself on location. In addition, it is also possible to have the mail forwarded to an address of your choice.

It is also possible to receive your mail digitally in your own myflexado environment. You can also choose to have the mail archived.

Our options are:

  • Forward to another address;
  • Pick up on location;
  • Have it safely scanned and downloaded in Myflexado

Finally, you can of course combine all the above ways of processing your mail as you wish.

Flexado also has many advantages such as secretarial support and competitive courier rates. Contact us to see which of our options suits you best.

What are the advantages of having a mailing address?

  • Keep business and private separate;
  • Professional business address for your company;
  • Access to workplaces, meeting rooms and offices;
  • Manned reception available;
  • Grow into a permanent office? You can!
  • Short and flexible contract conditions;
  • Attractive monthly fee;
  • Low risk;
  • Easily expandable with telephony service;
  • Can be concluded online at more than 4500 locations;
  • One invoice per month, no more high unexpected costs!

What problems do I solve with a mailing address?

  • Meet your clients and relations at your own professional business address whenever it suits you;
  • Choose a location that really suits your business look and feel;
  • No more unexpected customers and/or suppliers at your front door;
  • No waiting time, start online easily and immediately.

Why should I choose Flexado?

  • Flexado offers more than 4500 locations worldwide;
  • Start online safely, quickly and easily;
  • Short and flexible contract duration;
  • Manage your own account online via MyFlexado;
  • Multiple locations and/or service is possible via a single invoice;
  • Fair and clear terms;
  • Flexado has over 10 years of experience!

Flexible working
now & in the future.

Flexado makes it possible!